Privacy Policy

This is the scroll that unveils the intricate dance of your personal information as it traverses the digital realms of (reverently referred to as the “Sacred Grounds”).

Personal Information

As you tread upon the Sacred Grounds, our mystical instruments are set into motion, capturing ethereal whispers about your digital chariot. These inklings include tales of your web browser’s aura, the cosmic imprint of your IP oracle, the sacred rhythms of your temporal zone, and the subtle traces of enchanting cookies bestowed upon your device. As you journey through the mystical corridors of the Site, we document your interactions with the digital tapestries, chronicling the web pages or artifacts that enchant your gaze, unveiling the magical gateways that ushered you here, and unraveling the story of your digital communion. This compendium of ethereal whispers is known as “Device Chronicles.”

Your Account

In the mystical tapestry of your journey with the PIRITIZ service, we gather the essence of your being as you embark upon the path of our digital realm. When you choose to become a guardian of PIRITIZ, we weave the threads of your presence, either through your mystical registration or the sacred transmissions you bestow upon us through our digital portal or the enchanted messages of email. Our intentions are clear: to uphold the sanctity of your account, we harvest and safeguard your vital essence within our ethereal database. Behold, the elements of your existence that we cherish:

  • Your name, akin to a cosmic sigil
  • The sanctuary of your billing abode
  • The ethereal emissary of your email
  • The ten-digit charm of your mobile communicator (or the device ID/number, as
  • destiny dictates)
  • The sacred scroll of your mobile device model
  • The spectral guardian of your wireless carrier
  • And in rare instances, the enigmatic code of your credit card, wielded for a
  • purpose divine

This alchemical brew is summoned for the sole purpose of honoring your commitment to the Piritiz Tracking service, where the interplay of your name, billing sanctum, and credit card weaves the spell of billing prowess. The whisper of your email serves as a conduit to connect with you, whether to herald the twilight of your account’s existence, to confirm a transition in the chronicle of your phone number, or to heed the call of inquiries sent forth through our digital oracles. The winds of your email address may also carry tidings of our enchanting products and services, offerings we believe shall enrapture your cosmic spirit.

As a custodian of the PIRITIZ realm, you possess the power to craft a unique sigil, your username, and a sacred key, your password, to unlock the gates of your account. These mystic symbols are etched into our database, serving as the key to your digital sanctum. In some cases, these arcane symbols may manifest spontaneously upon your wireless artifact and are bound by a cosmic decree, immutable by mortal hands.

In your cosmic journey with PIRITIZ, you also have the opportunity to share with us the coordinates of your terrestrial dwellings, both the hearth of your home and the crucible of your work. These hallowed places are stored in our astral database, offering you access to additional facets of the PIRITIZ realm.

Upon certain iterations of the PIRITIZ service, you possess the power to craft a scroll, a list of addresses, which you may inscribe and edit through our digital grimoire or your mystical mobile artifact. These arcane inscriptions are bound to our database, ensuring you may access them from your mobile artifact and, should your cosmic path lead you to another vessel, this collection shall faithfully follow.

Your Location

With each summoning to the PIRITIZ service, a sacred ritual unfolds. The essence of your cosmic position is received and etched upon our scrolls, a harmonious dance performed by the mystical hardware that graces your vehicle. Fear not, for all location data entrusted to PIRITIZ shall remain your exclusive possession, safeguarded by the cosmic laws that govern our realm. The guardians of PIRITIZ vow to employ this sacred knowledge solely for the purpose of bestowing the Service upon you and for the celestial art of statistical reckoning. In our quest to refine the stars of our system, we may gather anonymous celestial statistics from our diverse disciples, forming an astral tapestry of insights that shall forever belong to PIRITIZ alone.

The archives of this celestial journey, both location and route, are enshrined within our astral database. These sacred records may endure indefinitely, as they guide us in our sacred duty to uphold the Service and determine the pathways where our cosmic cartography and service might be enhanced. Your essence, dear traveler, is integral to improving your cosmic voyage. Fear not, for PIRITIZ deploys commercially reasonable mystical shields to safeguard your essence from unwarranted revelations or misuse. In our realm, your cosmic coordinates are held with the utmost reverence.

Device information

– “Cookies” are enigmatic sigils inscribed upon your device or digital sanctum, each bearing an anonymous enchantment. To delve deeper into the mystique of cookies and potentially sever their influence.

– “Log scrolls” bear witness to your steps upon the Sacred Grounds, chronicling mystical actions, including the resonance of your IP oracle, the enchantment of your browser lineage, the guide of your digital spirit, the ancient scrolls that led you hither, and the cosmic rhythms of time and date.

– “Web beacons,” “arcane tags,” and “pixels of insight” are enigmatic runes employed to record the harmonious dance of your presence upon the Sacred Grounds.

When you dare to venture forth with the intent to purchase or engage in such a transaction, a special tapestry is woven. This intricate spell captures your essence, including your name, the address of your billing sanctuary, the mystical coordinates where your treasures shall be summoned, the arcane sigils of payment information (including the ethereal notes of credit card runes), the digital courier known as your email emissary, and the resonance of your celestial phone artifact. This woven spell is christened as the “Order Enchantment.”

In the mystical scrolls of this Privacy Tapestry, the term “Personal Elixirs” encompasses both the Device Chronicles and the Order Enchantment.

We, the Custodians of the Order Enchantment, masterfully employ this mystical tapestry. Not only do we summon and fulfill your sacred requests within the Sacred Grounds, such as the alchemical processing of your payment essence, orchestrating the cosmic journey of your treasures, and presenting you with the sacred scrolls known as invoices and order confirmations, but we also commune with you in the digital ether. The Device Chronicles are our guides in safeguarding against lurking shadows of potential deception or mischief, with a particular focus on the enigmatic essence of IP. It also serves as the compass in our quest to refine and enhance the Sacred Grounds. This includes crafting epic chronicles of how our disciples roam and interact with our sacred scrolls, as well as divining the outcomes of our celestial marketing and advertising endeavors.

The Trail of the Unmarked

Take heed, for our hallowed Site remains steadfast and un waved in its data rites, heedless of the elusive Do Not Track signals whispered by your browser.


For those who dwell in the realm of Europe, the scrolls of rights unfold. You, as a seeker of knowledge, possess the right to access the sacred chronicles we hold about you. Should you wish to unveil, amend, or banish your sacred essence from our records, a message to our conjurers via the contact portal below shall suffice. Furthermore, should you be among the seekers of Europe, know that our rites involve the procession of your essence to fulfill contracts or pursue our legitimate arcane pursuits, such as those tied to your ethereal orders within the Sacred Grounds. Note that your essence may venture beyond Europe, voyaging to the realms of Canada and the United States.


We may from time to time update this privacy policy. Whenever a change to this policy is significant, we will place a prominent notice on this website.